GeoData Manager Version has been released.

What’s new in Geodata Manager

This is an overview of new features in this version of GeoData Manager. For a fuller list of changes in GeoData Manager, refer to Recent Modifications.

New features in this version of GeoData Manager

  • Multiple Graph can now display side-by-side graphs of data that share a common axis, usually depth. For example:
      • Two line graphs side-by-side:


      • A geology and line graph side-by-side:


  • Enhanced zoom: zoom all directions (all axes) or zoom independent axis only.
  • Draggable axes in Quick Graph and Multiple Graph.
  • Set axis increment = 0 to get good axis labels for normal graph and zoomed graph.
  • Logarithmic axis labels improved; adjust axis labels by setting Increment.

New features in the previous version of GeoData Manager

  • The chemistry module lets you enter detection limits (e.g. <1 ppm) .
  • Graphs of well lithology, formation and alteration columns . This multiple graph compares the alteration for four wells:
  • Casing shoe, major feed and top of liner displayed in an edit graph.
  • Database version increased from 30 to 31.


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