GeoData Manager – Recent Modifications

(+ = Improvement, * = Bug Fix, ^ = Database Upgrade)

Version: (DB Version 33): Released on 15-Dec-2015

Company Settings
+ User can load company-specified preferences for screen and graph format, including nodes.
+ User can load company-specified measurement units and preferred names.
+ User can load company-specified default graph schema settings.

Node Settings
+ User can show and hide menu tree nodes.

+ Python scripts are now available in Settings folder.

* Export Header error at nodes with header memo fields now corrected.
* Latitude/longitude conversion error now corrected.

Version: DB Version 33: Released on 27-Aug-2015

+ Added mouse over graph legend to highlight corresponding graph series
* Restored unit change on graph axes using right-click

Version: DB Version 33: Released on 31-Jul-2015

General Improvements
+ Add Many option added at selected nodes (Well, Sample Site, MT Sounding)
+ Export Header now exports tagged records, not currently displayed records.
+ BROACH option added to Godevil node (clear well depth determination)
+ Zero mass flow automatically entered for SHUT-IN downhole PT profiles.
+ Mass flow checked for spinner runs, with user option to change sign.
+ Graph Schema settings available from Graph Settings screen.
+ Non-visible columns now available for selection when importing data.

Database Changes
+ MT Sounding field increased to 16 characters to allow for complex sounding names
+ Notes and SourceDataFile fields added to Casing Header table

Error Corrections
* Columns in Filter tab now synchronized with header columns
* Header Order change corrected and optimised for speed
* Header key fields hidden in detail table if visibility revetts to default settings.
* Filter group options in Filter button dropdown list now shown after saving tagged group
* Available MT resistivity soundings shown in alphabatical order, not data entry order
* MT soundings latitude and longitude now calculated on Save
* Slow data deletion speed during editing if quick graph displayed has been fixed
* Export Tagged now recognises main screen unit changes
* Error message now posted if sort field not available in table
* Error message now posted if specified Python script folder not available

Version: DB Version 32: Released on 31-Mar-2015

+ Option to convert positive mass flows to negative values in Injection tests
+ Automatic filling of mass flow values if only recorded when changed
* Fixed Rename error where incorrect identifiers are displayed

Version: DB Version 32. Released on 12-Mar-2015

+ Set Required Fields option in Tools allows customisation of required fields on New.
* Fixed error when creating new Access databases.
^ Database version increased to 32 for RequiredFields table.

Version: DB Version 31. Released on 30-Oct-2014

* Fixed error in Simulation – TOUGH2 Production History module

Version: DB Version 31. Released on 10-Sep-2014

+ Side-by-side line graphs using second worksheet
+ Geology column and line graph using second worksheet
+ Draggable axes in Quick Graph and Multiple Graph
+ Option to zoom all directions or zoom independent axis only
+ Increment = 0 for automatic axis increment values on zoom.
+ Logarithmic axis labels improved, adjustable by Increment setting.

+ Copy of spinner node located in the Reservoir module

Version: DB Version 31: Released on 15-May-2014

Major Improvements
+ Chemistry module now handles detection limits (e.g. < 1 ppm).
+ Chemistry detection limit option user-selectable in Preferences.
+ Patterns and colours available for well lithology, formation, alteration and interpretation data.

Data Entry
+ Casing shoe, major feed and top of liner displayed in edit graph.
+ Graph schema is refreshed as data is entered or modified.
+ Read-only fields are now just that – unable to be modified.
+ New PT-S test type available for PT surveys runs with a spinner tool.
+ New SPIN-PT test type for spinner surveys run with PT measurements.
+ Test types automatically upgraded for PT and SPIN data sets with corresponding identifiers.
+ New [Calculated Well Pressure] field in WELPRES for monitor pressure adjustments.

+ Dependent axis title changed to field name if only one field plotted.
+ Graphical display of well lithology, formation, alteration and interpretation columns.

+ Sample database (atlantis.mdb) automatically relpaced by new DB version.
+ Existing sample database saved to backup (atlantis_Vnn_yyyymmdd) so no data lost.
+ Sample database link always available for new users to gain familarity with program.

Error Corrections
* Numeric lookups now work correctly.
* Header information refreshed if lookups changed.
* Graph schema ordering corrected for disabled and null field cases.
* Upgrades now use version number to implement system changes.
* Data changes in Python scripts correctly registered in edited data.

Database Version
^ Database version increased from 30 to 31 to accommodate table changes. DB Version 30: 8-May-2013

Multiple Graphs
+ Graph options change at different nodes, reflecting the underlying data type.
+ Top and Bottom values are now calculated for Top/Bottom graph types.
+ Graph toolbar icon indicates the currently-selected graph type.
+ Time Calcs wording has been changed from Datum to Zero Point.
+ Deviation/Location graphs are available for planned wells.
+ Synchronization of graph settings is improved across multiple windows.
+ Apply option now transfers settings made in a different window.

Database Structure
+ Core Register added to the Geology module – see “What’s New” in Help.
+ XY Caliper and Cement Bond logs added to the Downhole Logging module.
+ Casing Size field increased to allow longer casing strings.
+ Standard and Non-Standard Casing Sizes to provide diameter flexibility.
+ Downhole Logging Equipment field now functions as a lookup.
+ Top of Liner field added to the WELL table.
+ Well Pressure/Temperature Gradient in WIDIARY replaced by Formation …

New Functionality
+ Lithology Process option to search and list available cores with specified rock types.
+ Ctrl-Click overwrites previous selection, when selecting data from filter bar picklist.
+ Detail Filter option to tag all records that remain with detail data after filter application.
+ Top of Liner can be displayed on Quick Graph and Multiple Graphs.
+ Preference option to auto-open new windows at the current node.
+ Preference option to separately specify filter and current record settings on program close.
+ Multi-lookup fields allowing multiple values available in Core Register module.
+ Option (user-beware) to empty IDLIST table if not empty after previous unorthodox exit.

Data Entry
+ Lookup values auto-filled on key press now exclude the trailing Comment.
+ Separate Error and Information panes in Data Entry and Edit Header windows.
+ Improved Accurate Cell Edit behavior in Data Entry window.
+ Reinjection FType options now restricted to N or 1.
+ Flow sign checked for injection tests.
+ Auto-display of Weir Water Pressure or Height in weirbox discharge tests.
+ Mapping Scale Factor defaults to 0.9996 when UTM is checked.

Layout and Behavior
+ Graph Menu separated into Quick Graph and Multiple Graph options.
+ Lip pressure nodes rationalized into weir, estimated enthalpy and dry steam cases.
+ Child Instances has been moved to Windows menu.
+ Map options have been modified to refer to csv files, not ASCII files.
+ Node change speed between related nodes improved by restricting field data loads.
+ Export Header speed improved by suppressing scroll calls.
+ Reservoir data edit and save speeds improved by minimizing database queries.
+ Filter groups can now be saved at the Geology node.
+ Export Default File Type saved to preferences only if global file type not selected.

Error Fixes
* Disabled series now hidden if “Include disabled series in schema cycling” is checked.
* Weir (Brine Only) calculation error with undefined Separation Pressure is corrected.
* Data Entry window modified to prevent obscuring one panel with another.
* Casing Size Rename procedure modified to preserve leading space.
* Log History Delete now records the correct data record.
* Hyphens removed from user names to prevent table creation errors in some cases.
* Data integrity date checks corrected.
* Filter Groups can now be deleted.
* Tagged and filter group conflict caused by the same name is now prevented.
* Corrected cumulative mass calculations when discharge period < calculation interval.
* Feedzone special procedures modified to recognize 5 Estimated Permeability levels.
* A number of superfluous menu options removed from the main menu.
* Unused Data Transfer option removed from Menu Tree.

Database Version
^ Database version increased from 29 to 30. DB Version 29: 30-Sep-2012

+ Added Column Empty function in Data Entry window.
* Fixed errors in dual weirbox calculations.
* Fixed errors associated with import and export of volume flow data (gpm).
* Fixed multiple graph legend display errors when first data set has empty columns.
* Fixed second worksheet multiple graphing errors at Discharge node. DB Version 29: 24-Sep-2012

+ Graph Schema has been substantially redesigned.
+ independent cycling of line colour, line type, symbol and symbol colour.
+ Line colour and symbol colour can be offset from each other.
+ Symbol frequency can be specified, either by thinning or maximum count.
+ Non-solid lines displayed correctly for dense data sets (Line Width = 1 only).
+ Additional symbols (left triangle/right triangle) added to available symbols.
+ Individual quick and multiple graph schema rules can be saved to each node.

Database Structure
+ CO2 Flux, Hg Flux and CH4 Flux fields added to Soil Chemistry table (SOILCHEM).
+ Notes field added to soil survey header table (SOILSURV).
+ SourceDataFile field added to SOILSURV and various well flow header tables.
+ Lookup added for Tracer Material field in Tracer header table (TRACINJ).
+ Gauge Offset field changed to Zero Flow Height in LIPHEAD and WEIRHEAD tables.
+ Zero Flow Pressure, Configuration and Primary Weir Data added to LIPHEAD and WEIRHEAD.
+ Weir Water Pressure and Weirbox ID fields added to LIPDATA and WEIRDATA tables.
+ Foreground and Background fields added to ROCKTYPE and FORMATN tables.

+ Weir pressure measurements can now be used as primary data for weirbox flows.
+ Conversion from mass flow to volumetric flow (in gpm) at integer °F increments.
+ Discharge lip pressure calculations allow dual lip pressure/weirbox configuration.
+ Discharge calculations using weir and estimated enthalpy allow dual weirboxes.

Error Fixes
* Database upgrade procedure corrected and improved.

Database Version
^ Database upgrade to Version 29 because of table structure changes. DB Version 28: 27-Jun-2012

+ Reservoir Transient – Measurement Date and Time calculated from Time field.
+ Casing shoe and major feed preferences update imediately on OK
* Dongle code changed to ignore GeoData Manager multiple windows in user count. DB Version 28: 27-May-2012

+ Horner Time and Log Horner Time calculated for Time/Elapsed Time Multiple Graphs.
+ Multiple Graph Elapsed Time settings saved to preferences.ini for each node.
+ Hematite, anhydrite and sericite added to ALTERATIONPT table.
+ Anhydrite removed, Pyroclastics and Breccia added to LITHIOLOGY table.
+ Mapping form improved. UTM and Hemisphere added to MAPPING table.
+ User login and Admin permission automatically entered in new SQL Server database.
+ Cursor auto-advances to next record when header record is deleted.
+ Measurement date auto-copied down for lip pressure discharge tests.
+ Well Category and Well Ownership fields added to the WELL table.
* Filter settings now applied to correct field when header field order changed.
* Power User cannot assign Admin rights to new or existing user.
* Alteration Code drop-down list shows Alterations, not Descriptions.
* Warning and graceful exit if user does not have rights to read tables in database.
* Pressure field in Simulation – TOUGH2 module added to units system.
* Ctrl-C (copy) now works properly in Object Inspector.
* Main screen Status numbers now updated after edit.
* A range of minor corrections in discharge calculations.

^ Database version increased to 28 for table changes listed above. DB Version 26: 07-Feb-2012

+ Multiple windows option now available.
+ Map View option to show sites by Site Group.
+ Data filter/sieve option now available in Data Entry Import.
+ Option to save sites in tagged data to a Site Group.
+ Power User now allowed to assign all permissions except Admin.
+ Additional fields in Kh & Skin in Interpreted module.
+ Very High and Very Low available in Estimated Permeability options.
+ Relative Permeability field added to Estimated Permeability lookup table.
* Record select error after node change and filter corrected.
* Administrator glyph = Key, Power User glyph = Tick

^ Database upgrade to Version 26 for IDLIST, KHSKIN, PERMTYP and other table changes. DB Version 25: 16-Aug-2011

+ Preferences and settings now saved to preferences.ini.
+ Range of tools to manage the new preferences.ini file.
+ Databases can be ordered in Database Manager.
+ Export to cross-section added for Porosity, Gamma and Velocity.
+ Most recent New identifiers remembered by database and node.
+ Map View option to label wells on currently-selected cross-section.

* Site assignment to multi-segment cross-section corrected.
* Database upgrade from old databases (< Version 11) fixed.
* Rate of Penetration calculations corrected.
* Quick Graph and Multiple Graph refresh on axis change restored.
* Main screen Quick Graph schema used in Data Entry window. DB Version 25: 10-May-2011

+ New Geology | Alteration – Pont Data module, allowing 18 specified alteration minerals.
+ Field name changes in various tables in the Geology module, as follows:
– Stratigraphy Type to Geology Data Type
– StratigraphyID to Geology Data ID
– Stratigraphy Comment to Geology Comment

+ SourceDataFile and Notes fields added to GEOLOGY, DLHEAD and WIDIARY tables.
+ Preference (admin only) to specify edit duration validity of Data Entry user.
+ Map View – Improvements to display and labelling of selected cross-section.
+ Map Temperature/Pressure options – extrapolation decisions by individual data set.
+ Planned Wells – Surveyed Well option for externally-calculated deviation data.
+ Well offset projected on to Offset Azimuth (if value is specified)

* Geology module – rock types and formations can now be entered, with codes auto-filled.
* Data Entry – Column Fill in pressure fields now uses differential pressure increment.
* Column visibility, column order and sort settings now stable when field names changed.

^ DB Version raised to 25 from 24 because of new tables and structure changes. DB Version 24: 3-Feb-2011

+ Minor tick settings added for quick graphs and multiple graphs.
+ Data entry click-able series can be set as a preference.
+ Power User permission level added, with universal rights except upgrades. DB Version 24: 23-Jan-2011

+ “New” option allowed at Reservoir | Downhole PT node, with choice of Well Test Type.
+ “New” option allowed at Chemistry major nodes, with choice of Sample Type.
+ Godevil node added to Well & Drilling | Casings module.
* Monitor sub-nodes removed from Reservoir | Transient node.
* Data entry sub-nodes removed from Chemistry | Well | Weirbox node.
* Additional sub-nodes added to Reservoir | Pressure Drawdown node, as for Discharge.
* Additional sub-nodes added to Steamfield | Production node, as for Discharge.
* Tag table deleted on database change, to avoid “connected to database” error.
* Edit Header option in Discharge sub-nodes now adds edits to WTDIARY table.
* Edit Header at Well nodes allows changes to Location, RKB Height and Accuracy fields. DB Version 24: 17-Nov-2010

+ Dry steam / zero flow lip pressure option if zero brine flow detected.
+ [Offset] field added to WELDEVI and WELPDEVI to record absolute well deviation.
+ Show and Hide options for Casing Shoe and Major Feed legend in Quick/Multiple Graphs.
+ Preferences for initial settings of Casing Shoe and Major Feed graph display.
+ Current header record now remembered after header filter operations.
* Significant speed improvement in Header Filter operations.
^ Raised DB version from 23 to 24 for WELDEVI and WELPDEVI table changes.

4.5.10 b27 DB Version 23: 27-Oct-2010

+ Option to calculate deviated well offsets from inclination and azimuth.
+ Draggable tags on Casing Shoe and Major Feed symbols in Multiple Graph.
+ Improved Tag All speed for case where Quick Graph is displayed.
+ Improved speed of Sort Header option.
* Corrected Graph title in Data Entry screen.
* New header record now remembered and highlighted after creation.
* Field selections now correctly remembers field widths.
* Fixed query error in Detail Select when Detail Sort is defined.

4.5.8 b25 DB Version 23: 24-Aug-2010

+ Casing Shoe display option in both quick graphs and multiple graphs.
+ Major Feed display option in both quick graphs and multiple graphs.
+ Option to save header and/or detail sort order at each node.
+ Click-able graph in Data Entry window to jump to corresponding record in table.

4.5.7 b28 DB Version 23: 28-Jul-2010

+ Added grid surface table, ESSURF, for 3D Resistivity module.
+ 3D Resistivity option to autofill parameters from grid data (regular N-S grids).
+ 3D Resistivity option to autofill parameters from model data (regular N-S grids).
+ Improved Data Entry Check function to simply count errors in some cases.
+ Function (in Tools menu) to globally turn Preferred Names on and off.
+ Same unit type now allowed on both dependent axes.
+ Separate Point/Line/Stairs settings for each dependent axis.
+ Added weir + estimated enthalpy node in Reservoir Discharge.
+ Added [Test Enthalpy] field (for estimated enthalpy) to Weirhead table.
+ Added Mass Flow -> Volume Flow unit conversions for 270 degF temperature.
* User specification of separation pressure in discharge calculations.
* Fixed occasional default filter error after filter bar auto-reset.
* Preferred names now listed in Graph Settings dropdown lists.
* Graph refresh in Data Entry window after data sort.
* Field Elevation, not sea level, now used for field-wide pressure conversions.
^ Raised DB version from 22 to 23 for ESSURF and WEIRHEAD table changes.

4.5.6 b30 DB Version 22: 30-Jun-2010

+ Graph series characteristics now specified by each dependent axis.
* Optimised Save speed after editing wells.
* Improved Graph Schema behaviour to better match expectations.
* Fixed Quick Graph legend error when null series selected.

4.5.5 b27 DB Version 22: 27-May-2010

+ Added Primary Survey Data look-up values for new surveyed well.
+ Improved well deviation data entry checks and calculations.
+ [WidthSelection] field added to FIELDSELECTION table to hold column widths.
+ Export icons now reflect export file type.
* Fixed slow node change after editing (SQL Server database).
* Fixed Formation assignments for Geology Formation editing.
* Fixed legend comment error caused by Notes field in detail table.
* Long-standing field ordering error fixed.
* Node changes optimised to increase speed.
^ Raised DB version from 21 to 22 for FieldSelection WidthSelection column.

4.5.3 b12 DB Version 21: 12-Mar-10

+ Saturation Temperature field added to units system.
+ Improved Saturation Temperature transform in Multiple Graph window.
+ Absolute Value calculation added to Multiple Graph transform drop-down list.
+ Added [Inclination] and [Azimuth] fields to well deviation table, WELDEVI.
+ Add New Field option added to Multiple Graph transform drop-down list.
+ Orifice Dry Steam calculations implemented.
+ Added option to convert Mole Ratio values to Mass Ratios in Chemistry.
+ Flyover hints implemented in Data Entry header fields.
+ Read/write access to Lookup tables granted to all users.
+ Admin Mode in Unit Preferences restricted to Admin users.
+ Export of Memo fields to file or spreadsheet improved.
+ Horizontal scrolling implemented in Multiple Graph Series window.
+ Delete option displays identifiers of dataset to be deleted.
+ Improved Gravity module data entry options.
* Column ordering errors fixed in header and detail tables.
* Coordinate transformations implemented even when fields hidden.
* Save to 2nd Worksheet saves only displayed fields, not all fields.
* Drop-down field lists in Multiple Graph transforms use Preferred Names.
* Sites on selected cross-section are refreshed when new cross-section created.
* Selected sites deleted when Process is used to select new sites for a cross-section.
* Injection module Map options fixed to work if Detail Select option is utilised.
* Gravity module Bouguer Anomaly Map elevation error fixed.
* DC and MT resistivity 1D modelling process path length warning provided.
* Add New Cross-Section terminology improved in Map View pane.
* Cross-section error with redrilled wells fixed.
* Production module Map option errors fixed.
* Multiple Graph error caused by column order changes now fixed.
* Fixed depth/elevation calculation errors when null values in table.
* Feedzone module Map by simulation layer fixed.
* Simulation module Production History Process option fixed.
* Fixed errors in Planned Well trajectory calculations for small offset wells.
* Improved Help and Fill lookups when data entered by keyboard.
^ Raised DB version from 20 to 21 for WELL and WELDEVI table modifications.

4.5.1 b31 DB Version 20: 31-Jan-10

+ Modified Geology Alteration module to be independent of Formation/Rock Type.
^ Raised DB version from 19 to 20 for alteration table modifications.

4.5.1 b25 DB Version 19: 25-Jan-10

+ Implemented universal upgrade permission for Access databases.
+ Increased [Rock Type Code] and [Formation Code] fields to 10 characters.
^ Raised DB version from 18 to 19 for field modifications listed above.

4.5.1 b22 DB Version 18: 22-Jan-10

+ Removed user permissions from Access databases.
+ Implemented separate graph schema for quick graphs and multiple graphs.
+ Implemented Saturation Temperature transform as drop-down option in Multiple Graph.
* Fly-over hint implemented in error/message pane at foot of Data Entry window.
* Fixed graph schema color order error.

4.4.10 b6 DB Version 18: 7-Oct-09

+ Changed Process button to Process/3D to include file generation for 3D presentations.
+ Add 3D Process options at Well, Planned Well, Downhole PT and Interpreted PT nodes.
+ Added Well Dip field to the units system (sysunit.xml).
* Modified variable adder implementation to optimize speed of node change.

4.4.9 b7 DB Version 18: 23-Sep-2009

+ Increased size of following lookup fields to 32 characters:

– wellStatus, WellType, Anomaly, Casing Type, Equipment, Clock, Instrument Type
– Instrument, Rock Type, Formation, Survey Type, Fracture Type, Reference Code

^ Raised DB version from 17 to 18 for field modifications listed above.

4.4.9 b5 21-Sep-2009

+ Added Planned Well node with new tables WELLPLAN and WELPDEVI.
+ Implemented header/detail structure in Pressure Control Point (PCP) node.
+ Added WellGeometry field to WELL table, and lookup table WELLGEOM.
+ Added Notes memo field to Downhole Logging header table DLHEAD.
* Changed Node field to Segment in Cross-section site tables.
* Modified MapView to remember Trace, Cross-section and Site Label settings.
* Modified main screen to remember tab settings on first visit to node.
^ Raised DB version from 16 to 17 for table modifications listed above.

4.4.8 August 2009

+ Added preference to remember filter and tab settings at each node.
+ Added preference to remember current record at each node.
+ Added options in Search menu to reset remembered node settings to default.
+ Added preference to specify default Map View site label settings.
+ Added Map View option to display names of sites with data.
+ Added a range of mapping procedures for MT resistivity models.
+ Added bug report, information request and improvement suggestion options.
* Fixed well group error if redrilled wells included.
^ Raised DB version from 15 to 16 for well group modifications.

4.4.7 July 2009

+ Manual column moves now included in detail table column order Save procedure.
+ Column order and width Save procedures implemented in multiple graph workheet.
+ Preferences to set Map View cross-section and well trace visibility defaults.
+ Preference to display Map View well names at wellhead or wellbase.
* Preferred names now used in Multiple Graph Series, Group and Legend options.
* Current multiple graph type now automatically saved for each node.

4.4.6 June 2009

+ Implemented title wrap main screen header and detail tables.
+ Implemented fly-over hints to header and detail tables.
+ Added RKB Height required field in Well New option.
* Improved grid refresh speed in edit screen detail table.
* Modified Detail Filter to use preferred field names.
* Replaced Profile references with Cross-Section.

4.4.5 May 2009

+ Introduced csv default option for all Surfer data file generation.
+ Profile As Filter option auto-selects the chosen profile.
+ Warning if selected data is not displayed with current filter settings.
* Corrected mapping output error with long well names.
* Corrected Detail Tagged report to match current tagged status.

4.4.4 April 2009

+ Edit window modified to use detail column widths set in main screen.
+ Modified brine orifice calculations to return zero flow when dP undefined.
* Corrected brine orifice calculations, removing liquid compression error.
* Corrected column visibility error affecting key fields.

4.4.2 February 2009

+ Restricted database upgrades to Admin users.
+ Added EditHeader to allow quick editing of non-numeric header fields.
* Fixed map view to correctly display filtered sites without data.

4.4.1 January 2009

+ Implemented network dongle protection.

4.3.12 December 2008

+ Added mmol/mol unit to Concentration unit type.
* Fixed Preferred Field Name error in Multiple Graph Transformers option.

4.3.11 November 2008

+ Added [Pipe Diameter] to lipdata table to allow diameter changes during test.
+ Added [Test Separation Pressure] to liphead table to facilitate data entry.
+ Modified Column Order form to promote intuitive use.
+ Improved functionality of Column Fill option in Data Entry window.
+ Added Elapsed Time entry for SFTT, PBU and PFO data types.
+ Added field datum options in Elapsed Time calculations in Multiple Graph.
+ Added Tools -> Rebuild All option to re-index tables if keys are lost.
* Fixed error in [Enthalpy defined by] in chemdata with K-Na G Giggenbach.
* Fixed Export form in Data Entry window to access field selections.
* Modified Multigraph Transforms option to use Preferred Names in field lists.
* Fixed error when tagging record in empty table.
* Removed erroneous time formatting in numeric [Time] field in welpres.
* Increased size of fields in idlist table to match identifier field sizes.
^ Raised DB version from 13 to 14 for lipdata modifications.
^ Raised DB version from 14 to 15 for idlist modifications.

4.3.10 October 2008

+ Added Mud Logging node in Geology module with pre-defined lithologies.
+ Increased the size of following identifier and lookup fields.

– [Casing Evaluation ID]
– [MT Resistivity ID]
– [Sample Time ID]
– [StratigraphyID]
– [Contractor]
– [Interptr]

+ Introduced Temperature Difference unit type, used for [Temperature Gain].
+ Added Natural Gamma and Sonic Velocity tables in Downhole Logging module.
* Fixed error in Unit Preferences that prevented addition of a new Unit Type.
* Modified Legend form in Multiple Graphs to operate with Windows 120 dpi font.
* Correctly ordered profile list after a new profile is added.
* Fixed Multiple Graph date check error in drilling returns module.
* Fixed rounding error so that numeric fields can be reliably queried by value.
* Improved scrolling speed in Edit window grids.
* Fixed error caused by commas in Multiple Graph title.
* Restricted database upgrades to Admin Permission Level.
^ Raised DB Version from 12 to 13 for new tables and field size increases.

4.3.9 September 2008

+ Implemented Save option in Database Manager SQL Evaluation panel.
+ Implemented Export option in Database Manager SQL Evaluation panel.
+ Added Density and Porosity tables to Downhole Logging module.
+ Added SourceDataFile field to downhole logging header table.
+ Added averaging and data reduction in downhole logging Edit Process.
* Fixed New and Delete error for header-only nodes with undefined site table.
* Fixed Lookup Help & Fill sort error with Access databases.
* Fixed downhole logging profile Python procedures.
* Fixed import error so that Memo fields (e.g. Notes) are now imported.
* Fixed fly-over hints for the various Export options.
^ Raised DB Version from 11 to 12 for new downhole logging tables and fields.

4.3.8 August 2008

+ Implemented Data Entry permission level.

4.3.7 July 2008

+ Added checks to prompt for zero flow at the end of discharge tests.
+ Added checks for data extending past the date of a well redrill.
+ Implemented support for European number format.
+ Implemented European and American date support in Import window.
+ Added approximate mass flow conversions for bbl/day at 200F and 330F.
+ Added Vertical Discharge lip pressure options in ptree.
* Posted Detail Select values on Apply to Detail.
* Modified menu tree icons for various permissions.
* Fixed Faults Profile error.
* Reinstated column colours for calculated fields in Data Entry window.
* Reinstated column colours for ignored columns in Import window.
* Fix to ensure only valid Test Start Times are copied to Measurement Time.
* Fixed error in Dip_Direction lookups in Faults module.

4.3.6 June 2008

+ Additional water level map and profile options.
+ Additional production parameter Map options.
* Fixed “Index out of bounds” error when untagging records.
* Fixed profile draw error with latitude/longitude coordinates in Map View.
* Fixed filtered site display error in Map View.
* Fixed memory leak on Node Change, associated with well traces.
* Fixed well trace options in Map View.
* Fixed error in Node 0 record when editing profiles and faults.
* Fixed filter rules to allow filter by date range.
* Fixed Export All error associated with SQL Server and memo fields.
* Fixed Map error caused by duplicate depths in Reservoir Downhole data.

4.3.5 May 2008

+ Added profile entry by mouse in the Map View screen.
+ Added Node auto-fill in Profile and Faults module for New data.
+ Added Primary Location selection option in Edit screen.
+ Added hardware key (dongle) protection.
+ Faults now drawn as labelled and coloured lines in Map View.
+ Updated GeoData Manager Help.
+ Added [Dip_Direction] field to “faultd” table and “dipdir” lookup table.
+ Added calculations based on dip direction and fault segment direction.
* Fixed “Index out of bounds” error on node change after filter setting.
* Empty Map now displayed even when no site data is present at node.
* Refreshed Map View on adding or deleting sites.
* Refreshed header pane for Edits when sites are in detail table.
* Corrected Map View Lat/Lon Coordinate conversion.
* Fixed Unit Preferences to apply unit type changes in graphs and edit headers.
^ Raised DB Version from 10 to 11 for Fault module changes.

4.3.4 April 2008

+ Added extrapolation options to Map procedures in:

– Interpreted Temperature and Pressure modules.
– Reservoir Temperature and Pressure modules.

+ Added gradient calculations in the Edit mode of:

– Interpreted Pressure module.
– Interpreted Temperature module.

+ Added line plot option to Profile procedures in:

– Reservoir Pressure and Temperature modules.
– Interpreted Pressure and Temperature modules.
– Downhole Logging modules.

+ Modified filter selection to automatically add wild card (*) to typed entries.
+ Added [Well Temperature Gradient] field to “widiary” table.
* Increased size of [Test Start Time / ID] field from 8 to 16 characters.
* Increased size of [Reference ID] field from 10 to 16 characters.
* Optimised Edit calculations in the Interpreted module.
* Optimised Check, Apply, Save and Process procedures in Edit mode.
^ Raised DB Version from 9 to 10 for Interpreted and Reservoir changes.

4.3.3 March 2008

+ Modified database upgrade procedure:

– to automatically increase field sizes if specified.
– to allow notified user-defined fields.
– to trap for non-notified user-defined fields.

+ Added the following fields to chemdata table:

– [Water HCO3], [Water CO3] and [Water Free CO2]
– [Gas Sample Comment], [Gas Laboratory] and [Gas Sample No]
– [Steam Sample Comment], [Steam Laboratory] and [Steam Sample No]
– [Steam SO4] and [Steam pH]

+ Total [Water CO2] calculated if HCO3, CO3 and free CO2 are all specified.
+ Increased size of [Well] field from 10 to 30 characters.
* Modified menu tree icons indicating admin, module and read-only permissions.
^ Raised DB Version from 8 to 9 for Chemistry module changes.

4.3.2 February 2008

+ Increased [Laboratory Sample No] field size from 10 to 16 characters.
+ Optimized Check, Apply and Save procedures at the Edit screen.
* Fixed index error when second graph worksheet has more series than first.
* Fixed NetCheck error when header order is different from table order.

4.3.1 January 2008

+ Improved release validity information of the current registration key:

– in the Splash Screen.
– in the Help About window.

4.2.12 December 2007

+ Added [Temperature Gradient] and [Pressure Gradient] fields to intpt in Interpreted module.
* Fixed truncated FieldSelection error.
* Assigned various mapping conversion fields to Spatial Coordinate unit type.
^ Raised DB version to 8 in response to Field Selection table and intpt changes.

4.2.11 November 2007

* Fixed ‘Depth to parameter’ and ‘Elevation of parameter’ error in Map options.
* Fixed 3D Process error caused by Spatial Coordinate unit type.

4.2.10 October 2007

+ Added maximum value selection within a depth range to the Interpreted module.
+ Added maximum value selection within an elevation range to the Interpreted module.
+ Added pre-defined field selection option to export forms.
+ Added preferred name functionality to column ordering forms.

4.2.9 September 2007

+ Added pre-defined field selection option to column ordering forms.
+ Added mouse wheel scrolling to edit detail table and multiple graph worksheet.
* Fixed minor errors in column ordering form field controls.
* Fixed error in production process calculations.

4.2.7 July 2007

+ Added option to use/ignore data below bottom of well in Map and Profile procedures.
* Fixed production process calculations of non-flow variables (pressure, temperature, enthalpy) at defined time-steps.
* Modified production process calcs so undefined values are returned as nulls.
* Fixed resistivity layer thickness error for first sounding in selection.

4.2.6 June 2007

+ Added Spatial Coordinate unit type, to retain metric coordinates while choosing other horizontal length units.

4.2.5 May 2007

* Fixed Map View display for non-unique sites (these are possible in gravity, faults and simulation grid modules).

4.2.3 March 2007

+ Modified MT table structure to store resistivity/phase data in the same record.
+ Added procedures to read EDI files for both impedance and resistivity.
+ Improved program start-up time by removing automatic units xml load if record number unchanged.
+ Added manual units xml load option to be used after program upgrades.
* Removed border above and left of graphs copied from Multiple Graph module.
* Fixed slow Edit and Delete operation when Quick Graph was displayed.
* Fixed program slowdown after multiple-node operation.
* Database version raised to 8 in response to new MT table structure.

4.2.2 February 2007

+ Added Export All to export selected header and detail fields of tagged data.
* Fixed Legend and Group error after column ordering in Multiple Graph worksheet.
* Modified LogHistory to record New tests.

4.1.11 November 2006

+ Added buttons, in Order window, to move fields to the first or last position in list.

4.1.10 October 2006

+ Allowed individual selection of graph series in Multiple Graph option.
+ Well deviation traces displayed in Map View.
* Modified and improved Graph Schema operation.

4.1.9 September 2006

* Implemented global registry path.

4.1.8 August 2006

+ Added and modified range of Map View presentation options, including:

– Blue cross – sites that contain data defined by current filter settings.
– Black dot – sites that do not contain data defined by current filter settings.
– Red cross – sites selected in the site filter (or survey filter) with data.
– Red dot – sites selected in the site filter (or survey filter) without data.
– Green cross – tagged sites (individual or by survey) with data.
– Green dot – tagged sites without data.
– Orange circle – sites attached to the selected profile.

+ Sites (except those belonging to a survey, fault or simulation grid) can be individually selected and unselected by mouse.

4.1.7 July 2006

+ Rock chemistry from wells now allows entry of multiple samples from each well.
* Downhole logging added to Lookups menu, with the following lookup options:

– Downhole Logging Test Type: dhlogtyp
– Downhole Logging Direction: dhlogdir
– Fracture Types: dlfrtyp

* Vertical scroll implemented in detail lookup field.
* Python procedures involving depth and elevation modified to better handle non-metric units.
* Dialog boxes used in Python procedures modified to allow OK and Cancel.
* Database version raised to 7 in response to faults, E-Scan module and dhlog groups.

4.1.6 June 2006

+ Faults module implemented. Fault dip is clockwise, referenced to fault direction.
+ Export of intersections of faults with profiles as boundary lines.
+ Range of options to assist presentation of DC Resistivity data an a profile including

– export of single resistivity values for each layer.
– export of multiple resistivity values (used for contouring).
– export of layer interfaces as both boundary lines and post files.
– export of sounding locations as post file or boundary line.
– elevation of the top or bottom of selected layers as post file or boundary line.

+ Range of options to assist presentation of DC Resistivity data in plan view, including:

– depth or elevation to top or bottom of selected layers.
– thickness of selected layers.
– resistivity or conductance of selected layers.

+ Implementation of DC Resistivity 1D modelling application.
+ E-Scan resistivity module, with range of options to present data, including:

– export of grid block and vertex locations in plan view and on profiles.
– export of grid boundaries in plan view and on profiles.
– export or modelled resistivities in plan view and on profiles.

* Modified automatic database upgrade to include:

– new columns in tables (always placed at end of table).
– new data in Lookup tables.

4.1.5 May 2006

+ Range of options to assist presentation of MT data on a profile including

– export of single resistivity values for each layer.
– export of multiple resistivity values (used for contouring).
– export of layer interfaces as both boundary lines and post files.
– export of sounding locations as post file or boundary line.
– elevation of the top or bottom of selected layers as post file or boundary line.

+ Range of options to assist presentation of MT data in plan view, including:

– depth or elevation to top or bottom of selected layers.
– thickness of selected layers.
– resistivity or conductance of selected layers.

* Default 3-layer MT model provided in 1D MT modelling application if no model specified.

4.1.4 April 2006

+ Tag All operation sped up.
+ Filter Bar redraw suppressed when not required.
+ Selected Graph Legend fields saved to registry and available on next use.
* Duplicate fields in Sort screen trapped.
* Contouring allowed for data without a Site Date field.

4.1.3 March 2006

+ Column widths retained when column order or visibility is changed.
+ Expanded range of options on filter button above tag column to include:

– Default Filter
– No Filter
– Filter Groups
– Profile As Filter
– Tag All
– Untag All
– Selections
– No Profile
– Assigned Profiles
– All Profiles

+ Purchase by Vulcan Power Company. Rename to GeoData Manager +

3.7.2 b3 13-February-2006

+ Geocad simulation grid functionality

3.6.1 b4 23-December-2005

+ Compiled with TChart 7.06
+ Compiled with kbmMemTable 5.5
+ Compiled with OpenXML 3.1.27
+ Packaged with NSIS 2.12
* [31] Modified OpenDialog Python function
* [32] Graphing works for identifiers containing the ‘+’ symbol

3.5.1 b1b 17-November-2005

* Included updated python modules

3.5.1 b1 3-November-2005

* Fixed importing bug for chemical units

3.4.5 b1 14-October-2005

+ dxGetText 1.2.1

3.4.4 b2

+ Added OnEditProcess python hook in Header-Detail Edit Form
+ Latest updates to python modules

3.4.3 b1 13-October-2005

+ TChart 7.05

3.4.2 b1

+ kbmMemtable 5.02b

3.4.1 b15

+ Added MultiSelectBox python function
+ OpenXML 3.1.25/Utility Lib 2.0.9
+ NSIS 2.10

3.3.10 b3 26-September-2005

+ Saving Column Widths for header/detail now work for no unordered selection
* Fixed Index bug on node changes.

3.3.9 b2 20-September-2005

* Fixed dbl click issues on OptionList/OptionListOrd
* Latest revision of python script updates

3.3.8 b1 19-September-2005

+ Fixed Append/Save groups for SQL-Server
* Python script update

3.3.6 b6 14-September-2005

* Assigned sites not shown for hidden profiles
+ Added All Profiles/Selected Profile mode
* Added check for missing ProfileSiteTable in PTree
* Python script update

3.3.5 b3 13-September-2005

* Assigned sites are persistent across node changes
+ Added SelectProfile python function
+ Added NoLabel option for map view profiles

3.3.2 b5 12-September-2005

+ View Profiles on Map View including various options
+ Added SelectedProfile python functions
* Updated python functions

3.3.1 b1 6-September-2005

* Modified OptionListOrd function to allow no default on entry
* Double-click for OptionListOrd/OptionList now selects

3.2.6 b6 2-September-2005

+ Added DateInputBox python function
+ NSIS 2.09
+ PythonForDelphi 3.29
* Bug fixes to python modules
* Updated configuration database

3.2.5 b4 25-August-2005

* Fixed [14] Add New Fields… in Multiple Graphing
* Fixed [25] Cancel but Save on Errors bug (edit header-detail)

3.2.4 b2 22-August-2005

* Updated python scripts
* Updated configuration database
+ Added ‘ProfileDistance’ field to unit-system
+ Altered unit-system importing to disable ‘Empty Destination’ on Error Review
+ Added ability to save column widths on main form (header + detail)
* Fixed Graph template XML saving
* Fixed graph template XML loading
* Export Save/Copy concludes export session

3.2.2 b4 17-August-2005

* Bumped DBVersion to 4
* Included latest configs etc.

3.2.1 b13a

* Fixed PPROIntFeed() in
* Updates to other python modules

3.2.1 b13 14-August-2005

+ XDOm 3.1.21
+ Utility Library 2.0.7
+ NSIS 2.0.8
+ GLScene August 2005 CVS
+ Added Process/Profiles help file