Steamfield Manager – Recent Modifications

(+ = Improvement, * = Bug Fix, ^ = Database Upgrade)

Program Version Database Version 5. July 2013
+ Moved User Settings from Registry to Preference.ini file.
+ Introduced the new Graph Schema options.

Program Version January 2010
+ Data range selection option for imported, validated and daily data.
+ Data range selection settings saved to DefaultSettings table.
^ Database version raised to 5 for DefaultSettings table modifications.
* Fixed out of range error when adding new points to objects.

Program Version 2.4.12 December 2009
+ Speed optimisation of import data loading.
+ Measured data graph and table defined by reporting dates.
+ LayoutWindow table to store layout dimensions by database.
+ DefaultSettings table to store startup settings by database.
+ Modification of Plugins List window to improve readability.
+ Separation of low-level point methods from high-level attribute methods.
* Correction of configuration selection error in data import module.
* Update of CalcAverage, AssignMiddayValue, FlowAverage_ValvePos, MaxAttribute,
MinAttribute, RectWeirFlow to correctly handle configuration changes.
^ Database version raised to 4 for DefaultSettings and LayoutWindow tables.

Program Version 2.4.1 February 2009
Table structure review and standardisation.
Development of layout windows.
Temporary removal of ScreenAttr FontColor field.
Improved version upgrade procedure.

Program Version 2.3.7 July 2008
Development of Vulcan SteamField Manager V4

Program Version 1.22.7 b1 31 October 2005
* Changes to filter logic

Program Version 1.22.5 b1
+ Fixed outwards connection editing.

Program Version 1.22.1 b1 21 October 2005
* Updated deliverability

Program Version 1.22.2 b4
+ A Panacea of Plugins

Program Version 1.22.2 b1 18 October 2005
+ Improved CX positioning for the schematic
+ Added provision for Object Display Property Colour
+ Added provision for colour for schematic connections
+ Added provisions for line-style for schematic connections
+ Added line thickness for schematic connections
+ Added arrow-head toggle for schematic connections

Program Version 1.19.1 b2 3 July 2005
+ Added Plugin WeirboxFlashParentPressure
+ Enabled Calc tab for cross-tab reports.

Program Version 1.18.21 b1 24 June 2005
+ Added hourglass cursor for CalculateAll
+ Edit Cross-Tab Object now picks up correct Calculated Table
+ Added Resize Report DropDowns

Program Version 1.18.20 b24
* Corrected unit files

Program Version 1.18.20 b20
* All cross-tab reports now indexed on MeasDate
* Bug fixes to attribute->object assignment

Program Version 1.18.19 b3
* Cross Tab Reports now come out with ordering

Program Version 1.18.18 b40
+ Overhauled Cross-Tab Editing (with Ordering)

1.18.16 b1 23 June 2005
+ Split Validated data interface into detail/quickgraph/groups as per GDManager

Program Version 1.18.15 b7
+ Added preference for exporting out of validated data to preset reporting dates [default = on]
+ Added preference for showing validated data quick graph with preset reporting dates [default = on

Program Version 1.18.14 b6
* Daily Data QuickGraphs can now use Reporting Dates
* Daily Data Multiple Graph can now use Reporting Dates

Program Version 1.18.13 b7
* Fixed mismatch on connection editing in object properties form
* Fixed arrow drawing code on schematic
+ Up/Down schematic date adjustment uses reporting time unit
+ Added safety checks for missing ParamTables and CalcTables
* On database change schematic zoom to full screen

Program Version 1.18.12 b7
* Updated consistency query for Object/ObjectType check to Field cf. ObjectType
+ Added up/down arrows for adjusting the schematic date
+ Added tool-tips on schematic dates indicating the minimum
* Fix double-click on object schematic -> Object Properties
+ Added legend by default on schematic Quick Graph
+ Changes of Program Now Accessible from Help -> About

Program Version 1.18.11 b0
+ Added export button to Report Detail
* Fixed export from validated data
+ Added Filter result codes to preferences window

Program Version 1.18.10 b13
+ Added assignmiddayvalue plugin
+ Numerical Cross-Tab Reporting with ability to Export GDM-Style
* Amalgamated cross-tab fields are now injected into the resident unit-system (deleted on Unit Reloading)
* Updated Cross-Tab Graphs (now correctly out of SI table)
* Updated Daily-Data Graphs
* Removed Graph Setting time increment edit mask as problematic on some locales
* Force cross-tab generation to be ordered by MeasDate ASC (Access specific)
* Attributes on schematic now display from Unit-System
* Unfiltered data brought in via auto importing mode is now set undefined
* Fix graph all bug for data brought in via auto importing mode

Program Version 1.18.8 b5 22 June 2005
* Improved crosstab refreshing for Add,Edit
* Improved edit cross tab query for Access
* Moved unitsystem injection to its own optional button
* Fixed [237] schematic quick graph

Program Version 1.18.7 b1 21 June 2005
+ NSIS 2.07
* Fixed schematic right-click (‘Daily Data’) to work for Objects with Multiple CalcTables
* Fix injection into SysUnit on editing Cross-Tabs
+ Improved Edit Cross-Tab form (name/landscape updates)
* Fixed adding a Cross-Tab under Access
* Deleting cross-tab definition now updates in real-time

Program Version 1.18.6 b2
+ Added calc_enthalpySF plugin (for mass-weighted steam enthalpy)

Program Version 1.18.5 b4
* Updated calc_massflow, calc_flowaverage
+ Added new metafiles to install set

Program Version 1.18.4 b5
+ Added MinAttribute LowLevel Plugin
+ Added MaxAttribute LowLevel Plugin
+ Added LineType = 0 to omit drawing a multilevel connection on the schematic
+ Modified the Plugin Manager form to improve visibility
* Updated calc_zeroflow

Program Version 1.18.3 b7 20 June 2005
+ Added Configuration Sanity Check (Tools -> Check Configuration…) [296]
* Allowed database to open without Users table (ReadOnly Permission)
* Check for unique labels in Database Manager [297]
* Fix Cross-Tab Copy syntax [129],[296]

Program Version 1.18.2 b3
* Schematic now refreshes on a database change. [197a]
* Layout editing disabled on a database change.
* Layout editing disabled on node change
* Improved prompting for layout editing/saving

Program Version 1.18.2 b2
+ Added preference for graphing importdata using reporting range (default = off)
+ Fixed import data graphing
+ Added program entry to Control Panels (for uinstalling)
* Fixed issues with Object Groups Loading, Saving, Deleting [37]
* Fixed last database detection and highlighting in database manager

Program Version 1.17.1 b16 16 June 2005
* Many bug fixes

Program Version 1.6.11 b3 23-June-2004
* PB Power RunTimes 1.7 recommended
* Report Builder Enterprise 7.04.2
+ Added double-click on object group list to load

Program Version 1.6.11 b1 23-June-2004
+ Implemented ‘Append Object Group’ functionality (GDM-style), resolves [35],[51],[58]
+ Added safety checks for object names that are too verbose
* Restructured object group names to be A64

Program Version 1.6.9 b1 22-June-2004
+ Implemented ‘Load+ Object Group’ functionality (GDM-style)

Program Version 1.6.8 b2 21-June-2004
* Fixed [502] variable adder bug
+ Report Builder Enterprise 7.04
+ Implemented ‘Load Object Group’ functionality (GDM-style)
+ Implemented ‘Save Object Group’ functionality (GDM-style)
+ New icon

Program Version 1.6.7 b30 17-June-2004
+ Implemented ‘List Object Group’ functionality (GDM-style)

Program Version 1.6.7 b18
+ Implemented ‘Delete Object Group’ functionality (GDM-style)
* Improved install set (NSIS 2)

Program Version 1.6.7 b15
+ Implemented ‘Rename Object Group’ functionality (GDM-style)
* Corrected missing unit popup on calc table details

Program Version 1.6.7 b7 15-June-2004
* Additional workarounds for Access Calculations

Program Version 1.6.7 b5
* Filtering and Validation fixes for Access

Program Version 1.6.6 b24
* Fixed posting to calculation bug (Access)

Program Version 1.6.6 b21
* Access compatibility corrections (parameterised queries) to calculation logic
* Improved augmented table query to for objects with different calculation tables

Program Version 1.63.5 b3 1-June-2004
* Updated user database

Program Version 1.60.4 b35
* Access compatibility corrections to FlowAverage and CalcAverage

Program Version 1.60.4 b30
* Removed buggy JVCL dependency (finally fixes crash on exit)?
* Corrected grid-dataset associations
* Partially Access compatible

Program Version 1.60.2 b1 27-May-2004
* Edit Layout is reset to default at the start of each session
* corrected permissions on Schematic->Properties (Attributes)
* Schematic entities may have their properties edited without a dependency on calculated tables

Program Version 1.60.1 b32 26-May-2004
+ Automatic point trimming for data importing
+ User login label to splash screen
* Object Properties modal saving to use generalised SQL dialect
* Fixed [312] incorrect syntax near ‘WHERE’ for saving through Object properties
* Replaced TEdit with TGEIntegerEdits where appropriate in object properties