GeoData Manager

GeoData Manager is a comprehensive data management system that facilitates the storage, presentation and analysis of most data from a geothermal exploration and development program. Over 700 different resource parameters can be captured and stored in a geo-referenced and time-referenced relational database that is the result of years of data structure analysis. GeoData Manager provides orderly but flexible data input, editing, and reporting of this data. Graphing and contouring tools are tightly integrated into the system to provide fast and simple graphical outputs. A range of modeling and analysis tools are also included, so most data manipulation and interpretation can be completed using the one system.

User flexibility is ensured through the ability to customize graphs, contour maps, reports and data entry tables. Like all other geothermal software from Gradient GeoData, GeoData Manager is fully unit-aware, which means that data can be entered, processed and presented in any measurement units. Data is easily exported to other analysis tools for special processing.

Operating on a Windows PC network, GeoData Manager is the ideal data management tool for any team of professionals responsible for the exploration or development of geothermal resources. The integrative abilities of GeoData Manager encourage a coordinated approach to resource evaluation and monitoring.

The GeoData Manager Philosophy

  • Inclusion of the majority of data types in geothermal development
  • Universal database structures
  • Powerful data selection
  • Data standardization and data integrity
  • User customization at all levels, including:
    • Measurement units
    • Language
    • Report formats
    • Graph formats
    • Contour plot formats
    • Data entry formats
  • Consistent style in all disciplines
  • Support