GeoData Manager Version has been released



  • Upgraded to Delphi XE 11.3.
  • Introduced new security software, as old version failed for Windows 11.
  • Added New Well option using KOP, ROB, FDA and well azimuth.
  • Renamed Process/3D label to ‘Calcite Activity Quotient’ at Fluid Chemistry – by Sample nodes.
  • Renamed Process/3D label to ‘Flow Calculations’ at Discharge nodes.
  • Added Fault Intersection process in Geology module.
  • Added benchmark export process in Microgravity module.
  • Error Fixes

  • New command now shows all required fields.
  • Fixed error where well is allowing feed zones below the bottom of the well.
  • Fixed error where Cased Depth, Major Feed or Top of Liner are not included if exactly at a measured depth.
  • Fixed Calcite Activity Quotient calculation error.
  • Fixed errors when displayed Key Fields are not in table order.
  • Corrected Core Register process in Geology Core Register module.
  • Fixed error where Preferences.ini sometimes set to 0 bytes.


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