Steamfield Manager

Steamfield Manager is specifically designed to handle both short-term and long-term data from an operating geothermal steamfield. Based on a modern client-server database, the unique dual time structure of the program provides a flexibility unmatched by standard process control software. Operational data collected from measurement points is used for day-by-day management, while long-term monitoring uses daily averages of physical quantities (such as pressure, flow, enthalpy) from objects within the steamfield. The two data sets are linked by the steamfield configuration which not only determines relationships and calculations between different data streams but also provides a detailed and accessible history of the entire steamfield.

Steamfield Manager automatically carries out data integrity checks and and also provides optional filters on data entry, to ensure that the data used for daily average calculations is as reliable as possible. Calculations include steam table calculations, complex network procedures and flow partitioning when multiple wells feed a common separator. Both short-term and long-term data can be presented graphically and in report form, while the special ‘cross-tab’ function makes resource consent reporting a breeze.

Like all other geothermal software from Gradient GeoData, Steamfield Manager is fully unit-aware, which means that data can be entered, processed and presented in any measurement units. Data is easily exported to other analysis tools for special processing. User flexibility is ensured through the ability to customize all aspects of steamfield configurations, daily average table structure, graphs and reports.

Operating on a PC network, Steamfield Manager is the ideal data management tool for a geothermal steamfield. Field operations staff can see the data as it comes in from the field, and as calculated for the past few days, while steamfield and reservoir managers, interested in long-term data, see it from the point of view of objects and quantities they are familiar with, and do not need to learn about measurement points, SCADA systems, transducers, etc. Future plans include integration with GeoData Manager to create a single tool to manage all geothermal resource data.