GeoData Manager V has been released.

This is the latest version of GeoData Manager, version, database version 39, released on 18 May 2020. This version includes the following new features and error fixes:

New Features

    Ternary Graphs

  • – Na-Mg-K (Giggenbach)
  • – Cl-HCO3-SO4
  • – N2-Ar-He
  • – General ternary graphs.
  • Ternary graphs can use mass or molar units.
  • Independent schema settings for ternary graphs.
  • Individual graph settings saved for each ternary graph.
  • Ternary graph titles and labels positions can be adjusted by the user.
  • Ternary graph can be scrolled in the vertical direction.
  • Ternary graph grid can be displayed or hidden.
  • Auto-width setting of all displayed column widths in header and detail table.

Error Fixes

  • Notes fields now shown as text in detail tables.
  • Tag group lists now updated on Rename and Delete.
  • Other axis (opposite independent axis) scale corrected for non-SI units.
  • Auto-scale option in Graph Settings improved to allow scale setting by user.
  • Units set in graphs now saved to Preferences.
  • Double-click on header title now does not tag records.
  • Display of DateTime formats retained after graphs with Date axes displayed.
  • Error when DateTime format is used for Well Date has been corrected.
  • Well Date rename now correctly renames Sample Site dates.
  • Column resize (with double-click on title column divider) now does not truncate data.
  • Column size maximum width (using double-click) has been increased to 300 pixels.
  • Reservoir pH calculation error for reservoir temperatures above 350°C fixed.
  • Exact conversion indication in unit change drop-down lists removed as often unreliable.
  • Unit preferences modified to prevent entries of undefined (blank) preferred names.

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