GeoData Manager Version has been released on 7 October 2016

Changes in this version

New Features
+ Export: Auto option for delimiting fields, to better manage data with double quotes and commas.
+ Export: Field delimiting options now include Memo, Header, Other Non-numeric and Numeric fields
+ Lookups: Use Rename to merge two different lookup values to a single value. Use with caution.

Error Fixes
* Rename of downhole logging data: DH Log Test Type options now restricted to allowed values.
* Rename of geology core register: Well options now restricted to wells without a core register.
* Rename of interpreted data: Well Interpretation Type options now restricted to allowed values.
* Tracer injection well edit: Check for injection depth within well depth has been fixed.
* Export field selection. Ctrl-Click error (List index out of bounds) in Export fields pane now fixed.
* Header filter bar and header table now synchronized during horizontal scroll.
* Data Entry Save errors have been fixed for the following Windows regional settings:
— Regional settings that use comma (,) decimal separator, with SQL Server database.
— Regional settings that do not use colon (:) time separator.

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