GeoData Manager Version has been released on 5 August 2016

Changes in this version.

New Features
+ Three column title lines now available in the header pane in main form and multiedit form.
+ Preference to sort all tables (in main, edit and multiple graph) by clicking in the column title area.
—- Click once to sort ascending – title font changes to bold.
—- Click twice to sort descending – title font changes to italic.
—- Click again to revert to user-defined sort order, or default order if sort is undefined.
+ Preference to auto-save column width and column order when changed on screen.
+ Preference to auto-save new entries to Soft Lookup fields (such as Contractor).
+ MT soundings, impedances and apparent resistivities can be directly imported from multiple EDI files.
+ MT 1-D modelling now available at the MT / Model node in Edit mode.
+ Database compaction tool (Access databases only) available in Tools | Database Tools menu.
+ Create New Database tool (Access databases only) available in Tools | Database Tools menu.
+ Following identifier fields changed to Soft Lookup fields to facilitate standard entries.
—- Reference ID
—- Geology Data ID
—- MT Data Source
—- MT Resistivity ID
—- MT Model ID
+ Corresponding nodes added to Lookups in menu tree.

Error Corrections
* Header pane of Add Many form – units setting using right-click has been fixed.
* Unit Preferences form – Filter function now works in non-administrator mode.
* Unit Preferences form – Sort function for multiple fields has been fixed.
* Units list (using right-click) now correctly indicates units with Exact conversion from SI (green dot).
* New SQL Server tables now owned by dbo, so any db_owner user can upgrade databases without problems.
* If current records remembered (in Preferences), current record location is now saved on program close.
* Well Lithology data entry. Fatal error when saving has been fixed.
* Rock Type now filled on Apply when editing at the Well Lithology node.
* Formation now filled on Apply when editing at the Well Stratigraphy node.
* Measurement Date and Time now auto-filled for PT-S data types at Reservoir | Downhole PT node.
* Empty Measurement Time auto-fill error at Reservoir | Downhole PT node now corrected.
* Mass Flow values set to zero for downhole measurements where well is closed or shut-in.
* Positive mass flows recorded during injection testing are now detected and corrected.
* Export Tagged option now honours user-specified header sort order.
* List of tagged records in Tagged tab is now sorted in default order.
* Unit Preferences vertical scroll bar now scrolls incrementally.
* Copy error in Lip Pressure/Orifice/Murdock flow calculations (since V, has been fixed.
* Zero or negative data on log axes now plotted at axis start position, not deleted.

^ Database version increased to 34 for MT Resistivity table changes and some field size increases.

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