GeoData Manager Version DB Version 34 has been released on 28 February 2017

Changes in this version.

New features
+ Option to hide duplicate legends in multiple graphs, with auto-highlighting of all series in dataset.
+ Date/time option implemented in all modules.
— User can add time to Date fields or continue with a separate time field as at present.
— Date/time data can now be imported into Measurement Date – no need to import time separately.
— Data automatically separated into separate date and time values when saved.
— Separate time values can still be imported as required.
— Date/time values always take precedence over separate time values.
+ Reference Date auto-filled with earliest site date when entering new data.
+ Well traces are now displayed in Map View for sample sites that are also wells.
+ Global well selection now extended to sample sites at fluid chemistry and rock property nodes.
+ Three zoom functions – All Directions, Independent Axis and Dependent Axis.

Error Corrections
* Export of well traces for sample sites that are also wells has been fixed.
* Spanish accented letters (á,é,í,ó,ú,ñ,Á,É,Í,Ó,Ú,Ñ) now accepted in preferred names.
* Soft Lookup fields (e.g. Reference ID) now allow new values when adding new data.
* Multiple geological column graphs now work correctly. Settings error fixed.
* Fixed well naming error for geological column multiple graphs.
* Fixed dependent name conflict in synchronized multiple graphs.

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