GeoData Manager Version has been released on 4 February 2019

Errors Fixed

  • Intermittent instabilities now greatly minimised – program is much more stable.
  • The occasional but annoying loss of the preferences.ini file has been fixed.
  • The occasional appearance of a ghost database in the Database Manager has been fixed.
  • The Tracer Type in the Tracer module is now either CHEM or RAD.
  • Python scripts now correctly loaded after change of scripts path in Miscellaneous Settings.
  • Incorrect message about WELLDATES not found after update to DB Version 37 has been removed.
  • Chemistry Sample Sets can now be deleted when all samples have been deleted.
  • Weir and Steam Orifice calculated flow data now correctly saved to the Discharge or Production node.
  • In Edit mode
    — pressing Cancel after New now allows saving of any entered data.
    — The first key-press in the detail table is now captured.
    — Entered data is now posted when moving between Graph and Identifiers tab.
    — Short-duration information messages now displayed on Check and Apply.
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