GeoData Manager Version has been released on 26 April 2019

The latest version of GeoData Manager, version, database version 38, was released on 26 April 2019.
This version includes the following new features and error fixes:

New Features

  • Option in Database Manager New DB to create and populate SQL Server database.
  • Option to copy GeoData Manager permissions to other databases (SQL Server only).
  • Well History available using the Process/3D toolbar option at the Well module.
  • Checkboxes added in ListSelect form to assist selection.
  • Database Changes

  • Increased size of Sample Site Type and Sample Site Type Comment fields.
  • Increased size of Sample Site Comment and Sample Comment fields.
  • Added Temperature, Mass Flow and pH fields to Sample Site table.
  • Added Ambient Temperature to Sample Site and Chemistry Data tables.
  • Added Colour, Grain and Composition fields to Well Lithology and Stratigraphy tables.
  • Increased size of Gravity Survey field, added Notes field to Gravity Survey header table.
  • Added Electrical Conductivity and Permeability to Rock Properties detail table.
  • Converted the Sample Set field to a soft lookup field.
  • DB Version increased to 38 from Version 37.
  • Errors Fixed

  • Illegal characters including spaces in new database name trapped and removed.
  • Non-visible fields correctly identified when importing from clipboard or file.
  • Company Settings upload error (disabled buttons) now fixed.
  • Company Settings download error with SQL Server database selected now fixed.
  • Company Folder path and File Prefix now saved to preferences.
  • Add Many option for Sample Sites now works correctly.
  • Add Many option for MT Soundings from edi files now works correctly.
  • Select Data Types to Display error now fixed.
  • New Window option working again, and no databases lost from the database list.
  • Refresh Units option in Menu Tools now works correctly.
  • Jump to Errors feature in Data Entry form repaired and now operating correctly.
  • Unit settings in Add Identifiers form and Data Entry header fields now saved.
  • Databases beginning with integer now handled correctly.
  • Data Entry multiple selection error after Title Bar sort has been fixed.
  • Preferences auto-loaded from backup file (preferences.bak) if accidentally erased.
  • Date Picker reintroduced for Data Entry detail table date fields.
  • Second worksheet now cleared when the database is changed.
  • Data modified warning in Data Entry now shown only when data is actually modified.
  • Rock Type, Formation and Alteration correctly upgraded in data tables after Rename.
  • Geology codes can now be typed in (rather than picked from list) without error.
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