KEYLOK Install for Windows 8

KEYLOK has released its Windows 8 Install Program, available here (2.3 MB), or from the GeoData Manager and WellSim download pages.

If you are upgrading to Windows 8, you will need to download and run this Install Program to activate the KEYLOK dongles.


Installation Trouble-shooting

From the KEYLOK website:

To resolve 95% of installation snafus, follow these steps using our new Install Utility (Version 2014.3.2):

  1. Verify that the USB dongle is not plugged in.
  2. Run Install /b (install USB), or select USB from the Install GUI.
  3. Insert dongle when prompted.
  4. {Pre-Vista systems) Let the ‘Add New Hardware Wizard’ run.
  5. If any problems occur, view the log file [kl2log.htm] for details. It’s located in the same directory as the install.exe.

It is no longer necessary to run an ‘uninstall’ before reinstalling if an end-user inserts the dongle before installing the KEYLOK driver.

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