WellSim Version has been released

WellSim Version has been released on 3 December 2015. Changes in this version include the following:

(+ = Improvement, * = Bug Fix, ^ = Database Upgrade)

User Assistance
+ “Feedzone Configurations” has been changed to “Secondary Feedzones” in the Menu Tree
+ Fly-over hints have been implemented in the Menu Tree
+ Error message when flow chokes changed to “Flow choked. Well pressure too low to maintain discharge.”
+ Bottom-up discharge simulation no-flow error now says “No flow above secondary feedzone”
+ Wells can now be sorted on time (the Modified value) or by well name, with fly-over hints to assist
+ “Run finished” message displayed at end of simulations.
+ Progress bar indicators change from red to green at end of simulation, to indicate successful run.

Data Checks
+ Depth calculations in measured discharge profiles now checks for data below deepest deviation
+ Measured injectivity water level depth set to 0 if null and wellhead pressure > atmospheric pressure
+ Checks implemented for deviation and casing if geometry table is empty
+ Improved checks for duplicate preferred names in Unit Preferences
+ Calc Reservoir Pressure check status now saved in Injectivity Simulations
+ Output Simulation Calc Drawdown default status for bottom-up runs is unchecked

Data Processing
+ Injectivity Simulation can now use measurements collected from any depth down to the deepest feedzone
+ Top-down Dischage Simulation error at flash depth for large depth increments has been corrected
+ Import from clipboard now accepts numbers formatted with thousands separators.
+ Measured data processing speed (Check, Apply and Save) greatly improved
+ Discharge simulations that fail but return an error code now display calculations to that point

Error Fixes
* Previous well name now removed when new database is created
* Inverted independent axis now recognised when independent axis location is changed
* When entering a new well, all data is now saved even if not “posted” by the user
* Import form now remembers the number of rows to skip when value is entered from keyboard
* Progress bar now displayed correctly for Injection Simulation and bottom-up Discharge Simulations

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