WellSim Version has been released on 7 October 2016

Changes in this version.

New Features
+ WellSim command line version (batch mode) has been released.
— Start WellSim by calling wellsim -b or wellsim –batch.
— Input and output files must be listed in the BatchFiles.ini file in your WellSim settings folder.
— Example input files with required format are in the BatchFiles sub-folder of your settings folder.
— Discharge and output simulations currently available.
+ Export: Auto option for delimiting fields, to better manage data with double quotes and commas.
+ Export: Field delimiting options now include Memo, Header, Other Non-numeric and Numeric fields.

Error Fixes
* Pre-processing error (failure to converge in some circumstances) has been fixed.
* Fatal error associated with single-section geometry has been fixed.
* Main screen header table now refreshed when SaveAs used to save a data set.
* Export: Pre-defined field selection options have been fixed.
* Export: Ctrl-click error in Export fields pane (List Index out of bounds) now fixed.

Database Version
^ Database version increased to 12 because of new fields in the FIELDSELECTION table.

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