GeoData Manager Version has been released

This version replaces the previous version Error Fixes Incorrect graphical display when Independent Axis is at the bottom of the graph has been fixed.

GeoData Manager Version has been released

Version Improvements Upgraded to Delphi XE 11.3. Introduced new security software, as old version failed for Windows 11. Added New Well option using KOP, ROB, FDA and well azimuth. Renamed Process/3D label to ‘Calcite Activity Quotient’ at Fluid Chemistry – by Sample nodes. Renamed Process/3D label to ‘Flow Calculations’ at Discharge nodes. Added Fault […]

GeoData Manager Version has been released

Version Improvements Added lines and labels to N2-Ar-He ternary graph. Introduced title bar multiple-click option to sort columns in multiple graph worksheets. 1. First click to sort from smallest to largest value in column. 2. Second click to sort from largest to smallest value in column. 3. Third click to return to default sort […]

WellSim Version has been released

Version: DB Version 10: Released on 26-Aug-2015 New Features + Reservoir drawdown module – output simulations over a range of reservoir pressures + Prompt to auto-fill wellhead or feedzone fluid parameters when discharge simulation direction is changed + Mouse over graph legend highlights corresponding graph series Bug fixes * Fixed error caused by use […]

GeoData Manager Released

  What’s new in Geodata Manager This is a patch to correct a error caused by TeeChart 2015, which caused graph axis unit changing (using right-click) to stop working. This version of GeoData Manager has reverted to TeeChart 2014 to fix this problem.  

GeoData Manager Version Released

  What’s new in Geodata Manager This is an overview of new features in this version of GeoData Manager. For a fuller list of changes in recent versions of GeoData Manager see here.   Add Many: A new command to import many data sets at one time, called Add Many. This is available for importing […]

KEYLOK Install for Windows 8

KEYLOK has released its Windows 8 Install Program, available here (2.3 MB), or from the GeoData Manager and WellSim download pages. If you are upgrading to Windows 8, you will need to download and run this Install Program to activate the KEYLOK dongles.   Installation Trouble-shooting   From the KEYLOK website: To resolve 95% of […]

GeoData Manager Version released

What’s new in GeoData Manager New features in this version of GeoData Manager   Customization of Required Fields shown when adding new data   How to customize required fields (only available to Admin or Power Users). 1. Start GeoData Manager 2. Select Tools | Set Required Fields from the main menu. 3. Double-click on […]