Installing WellSim

Installing WellSim

Normally, you will first install WellSim for a free evaluation. Then purchase a licence from GSDS; you will receive a registration name and key and usually a dongle for each PC. Finally set up WellSim for regular use.

Installing WellSim for evaluation before you buy a licence: WellSim will run with full functionality on one PC for free for 30 days, without requiring any registration or dongle.

Setting up WellSim when you have a registration key: Setting up for regular use: for each PC in the system, install the dongle, install the programs, register them, set up backup procedures.

Installing WellSim on another PC: To add or replace a PC in an existing WellSim setup.

Registering WellSim

Installing a single-user dongle

Installing a network dongle

Uninstalling WellSim