Installing WellSim

What's new in WellSim

WellSim Version, Database Version 13, Released 10 December 2020

Undock and dock

You can now undock and dock windows while editing a discharge simulation.

Set column widths automatically

Right-click any column of data and select:

For example, from

right-click in a column of data and click Set All Column Widths to give:

WellSim Version, Database Version 13, Released 23 August 2019

Major new features

We have been working hard to make WellSim simpler, faster and easier to use:

New features

WellSim Version, Database Version 13, Released 26 May 2017

WellSim Version, Database Version 12, Released 7 Oct 2016

Run WellSim from command line

You can now run WellSim from the command line, using the -b or --batch parameter, to run discharge simulations and output simulations. Specify the required input data in text files and run WellSim from the command line; WellSim writes the results to text files read more.

The advantage of running from the control line is that WellSim will run unattended. You would typically do this from another program, which would write the input files, run WellSim, then read the result files. For example, if you are doing a reservoir simulation using another program you could use this other program to run WellSim from the command line to:


Database version changed from 11 to 12

WellSim Version, Database Version 11, Released 3 Dec 2015

For this release of WellSim we have been working on ways to make WellSim simpler, faster and easier to use.

Renamed the data type 'Feedzone configuration' to 'Secondary feedzones'

This is to emphasise the fact that the well's primary, deepest feedzone is handled in an output or an injectivity simulation. Therefore:

Can sort well order by time or name

If Well sort shows a wellhead, then the list of wells in the database is sorted by by time (the value of Modified). Click Well sort to sort by well name.

If Well sort shows a clock, then the list of wells in the database is sorted by well name. Click Well sort to sort by time (the value of Modified).

Flyover hints in the home screen

For example:

User Assistance

Data Checks

Data Processing


WellSim Version, Database Version 11, Released 6-Oct-2015

Where fluid can be injected without needing to be pumped

Injection and injectivity simulations now work for wells where the fluid can be injected into the well without needing to be pumped read more. This graph of an injectivity simulation shows the wellhead pressure dropping to close to zero at mass flowrates less than 120 t/hr:

Improved labelling of WellSim main screen and edit windows

Stop Run button

While calculating output and injectivity simulations:


Database version change

Database version changed from 10 to 11.

WellSim Version, Database Version 10, Released 7-Sep-2015

Fixed Import error in all measured data modules.

WellSim Version, Database Version 10, Released 26-Aug-2015

New reservoir drawdown module

To calculate output simulations over a range of reservoir pressures read more.

Other new features


Database version change

Database version changed from 9 to 10.

WellSim Version, Database version 9, Released 17 Jan 2015

TETRAD Tables module

To calculate well data for TETRAD read more.

Side-by-side graphs

Multiple Graph can now display side-by-side graphs of data that share a common axis, usually depth read more.

The two side-by-side graphs revert to single graph if the dependent axes have same unit type.


Selecting fields

In the Column Ordering and Visibility window, the Multiple Graph Group window and the Export window you can now select more than one field by Shift-clicking or Ctrl-clicking. WellSim remembers the order that you Ctrl-click the fields and can move the fields in this order.

Database version change

Database version changed from 8 to 9.

WellSim Version, Database Version 8, Released 16-Apr-2014

Two new measured profiles

New modules for measured injection (read more) and measured injectivity (read more).

Injection simulation

New module to calculate downhole parameters during injection read more.

Injectivity simulation

New module to calculate well conditions at a range of flows read more.

Graph Schema

Has been substantially improved read about graph schema:

Other new features


Well elevation and RKB height now used for pressure conversions and depth / elevation calculations.

Graph schema settings now used in in the graphical results after a simulation is run.

Network dongle now works correctly in network situation.

Database version change

Database version changed from 7 to 8.

WellSim Version, Database Version 7, 22-Jun-2012

Edit windows: Column visibility and widths passed from main screen.

Edit windows: Sort option now available.

Formation temperatures: Default values suggested on New.


Output Simulation Steam drawdown factors default to 0 if not required.

Well: Information panels updated when new well created.

Geometry Configurations: Checks to ensure consistent deviation and casing depths.

Geometry Configurations: Correct deepest outer diameter set.

Well Deviation Offset calculation error corrected.

Measured Discharge Profiles: Vertical depth calculated and filled on Check.

Measured Discharge Profiles: New data - save error corrected.

WellSim Version, Database Version 7, Released 05-Jun-2012

New well deviation node to facilitate well geometry calculations.

New well casing node to facilitate well geometry calculations.

Well geometry calculations using specified well deviation and casing.

Measured discharge profile calculations using specified well deviation.

Default parameter values provided for new Formation Temperature.


Heat flow between fluid and formation now in correct direction.

Gauge/absolute pressure conversions use well elevation.

Admininstrator Mode activated in Unit Preferences.

Output simulations corrected for wells with gas and secondary feeds.

Database version change

Database version changed from 6 to 7 for the new well geometry options

WellSim Version, Database Version 6, Released 28-Oct-2011

Updated Help file.

Corrected lower bound error for Enthalpy options.

WellSim Version, Database Version 6, Released 10-Oct-2011

Successful calculations available when discharge simulation fails to complete.

Successful calculations available when output simulation fails to complete.


Corrected data-dependent error in Lower Bound module.

Trapped feedzone non-convergence condition for Simple correlation.

Corrected non-initialization error for some run-again simulations.

Improved file browser for Create New Database menu option.

WellSim Version, Database Version 6, Released 15-Aug-2011

Output tests can be directly generated from estimated downhole parameters.

Lower bound analysis fully operational.

Discharge simulation matching analysis implemented.

New Help file with updated tutorials

Flyover hints implemented in Data entry and Simulation windows.

Preferences and settings written to preferences.ini file - more user control.

Range of tools provided to manage preferences.ini.


Instability in discharge simulations (when flash depth too close to depth increment) fixed.

Save and SaveAs options implemented in Feedzones and Formations.

Initial typing error in Data Entry grid fixed.

Graphs Settings and Chart Editor implemented in Data Entry windows.

Errors casues by field name case differences fixed.

Errors associaterd with duplicate Preferred Names fixed.

Database version change

Database version changed from 5 to 6 for the new fields added to the Output Test tables.

WellSim Version, Database Version 5, Released 18-Mar-2011

Fixed error in non-WellSim correlations associated with explicit friction factor calculations.

Fixed error causing false phase change during pressure drop iteration.

Removed upper-bound velocity restriction for Orkiszewski correlation.

WellSim Version, Database Version 5, Released 25-Jan-11

Added column order and width settings at each node.

Added options for error reporting, support requests and improvement suggestions.

Fixed occasional drawdown factor calculation error for output tests using bottom-up discharge simulations.

WellSim Version 4.5.3, Database Version 5, Released March 2010

Added gif, jpg and png formats to graph export options.

WellSim Version 4.5.1, Database Version 5, Released January 2010

ConstParam field in OUTPUTTESTS increased to 16 characters to allow Temperature parameter.

Query to select Output Test discharge data corrected to include wellname and ID.

Database version change

Database version changed from 4 to 5.

WellSim Version 4.4.11, Database Version 4, Released November 2009

Added vapour, liquid and mixture enthalpy calculations.

Implemented mixture velocity calcuations for non-wellsim correlations.

Implemented saving of graph settings in edit windows.

Calculated void fraction from dryness for non-Wellsim correlations.


Corrected flow regime determination for wellsim correlations.

Corrected flash point errors in complex non-WellSim top-down correlations.

Database version change

Database version changed from 3 to 4.

WellSim Version 4.4.8, Released August 2009

Fixed measured discharge profile data entry error.

Fixed vertical/measured depth conversion for single-segment deviated well.

Fixed pre-processing divide-by-zero error that occurs in some configurations.

Trapped occasional endless iteration error for Simple equation of state.

WellSim Version 4.4.6, Released June 2009

Column order and width Save procedures implemented in multiple graph workheet.

WellSim Version 4.4.3, Released March 2009

Fixed error in complex gas calculations.

Added column order and column width settings.

WellSim Version 4.4.1, Released January 2009

Fixed flow regime initialisation to correct top-down/bottom-up correlation.

WellSim Version 4.3.10, Released October 2008

Fixed registry error caused by commas in Multiple Graph title.

WellSim Version, Released June 2008

Fixed TopDown discharge test error with deviated wells.

Fixed New Well error with European number format.

WellSim Version 4.3.4, Released April 2008

Added Preference to optionally turn on error logging.

Added Output Test option to calculate drawdown parameters when using bottom-up discharge simulation.

WellSim Version 4.3.3, Released March 2008

Fixed Casing (Non Standard) error where inner and outer diameters not saved.

Added data checks to Lower Bound Analysis

WellSim Version 4.3.2, Released February 2008

Modified About box and Splash screen to give release validity of current registration.

WellSim Version 4.2.9, Released September 2007

New output tests now default to Calculate Parameters option, with top-down discharge tests listed.

Discharge tests now saved for output tests that do not calculate drawdown parameters.

Fixed error when Quick Graph Settings is selected on initial start-up.

Moved QuickGraph Settings and Graph Schema to Graph menu.

Added checks for simulation start or finish depths within depth range of well.

Corrected error when records are untagged from the bottom of the list.

Corrected wrong assignment of density and pressure gradient values from discharge tests.

WellSim Version 4.2.8, Released August 2007

Corrected measured depth / vertical depth conversion for bottom-up simulations starting above last segment of deviated well.

Added mouse wheel scroll to main form header tables.

Added Ditto (Ctrl D) to geometry configuration edit form.

WellSim Version 4.2.6, Released January to July 2007

Significant code revisions to WellSim, Orkiszewski, Aziz, Hagerdorn, Beggs, Duns and Mukherjee correlations.

Speed of calculation and of graphing considerably improved.