Installing WellSim

Tutorial: Secondary feedzones (optional)

The secondary feedzones of a well is the location, enthalpy, and mass flowrate (or drawdown relationship) of each feed zone that is above the well's primary, deepest feedzone. A feed zone can produce or accept fluid. Read more about feedzones.

You only need to enter a secondary feedzones for a well it the well has secondary feedzones above the well's primary, deepest feedzone. And do not enter the primary, deepest feedzone in the secondary feedzones (because you will specify the primary feedzone in the output or injectivity simulation for the well.

This tutorial shows you how to enter the secondary feedzones for the well MY WELL:

Entering the secondary feedzones

This requires measurements or estimates at each secondary feedzone.

  1. In the sample database, click Secondary feedzones under .

  2. Right-click in a row under Description to pop up a menu; click New. WellSim creates a new, empty secondary feedzones dataset.

  3. Enter data for one linear feedzone at 1300 m:

    • choose Linear for the feedzone relationship
    • enter a linear drawdown factor; don't enter any other drawdown factors (like quadratic drawdown factor)

    Measure all depths relative to the same point at the wellhead read more.

  4. Click to check, apply and save the data, then exit.