Upgrading WellSim to a newer version

This describes how to upgrade WellSim to a newer version. To install WellSim for the first time, or to uninstall WellSim, see here.

It is important that the IT department use this section of the help guide develop a protocol for upgrading WellSim, and the subsequent upgrades of databases.

Upgrading WellSim to a newer version

We regularly upgrade WellSim to provide new features and fix bugs, and email you about each release. We recommend that you upgrade your WellSim each time a new version is released.

Note that during an upgrade, WellSim's preferences, your key registration and the dongle operation are not affected.

A WellSim database can be Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL server. The procedure below is for:

which is the most common case. If you have any SQL server databases or have databases installed on a network computer, contact GSDS for upgrade instructions.

Part 1 - Prepare for the upgrade:

  1. Find if you need to upgrade your databases: As you install your WellSim upgrade, you might need to upgrade your databases to a new version as well. Our email will tell you if you need to do this, or you can find out here.

  2. Backup your databases.

  3. You will use the Access test database that you created earlier during installation see here.

Part 2 - Install WellSim and test an Access database:

  1. Go to the GSDS website WellSim download page. Download the latest version of WellSim (gsds_wellSim_n_n_n_n.exe).

  2. Install WellSim: run gsds_gdman_n_n_n_n.exe. You don't need to uninstall the previous version.

  3. Start WellSim.

  4. WellSim shows the Database Manager window. If necessary, use Add DB to connect to the Access test database (see above). For the description (name), enter Access test DB.

  5. In the Database Manager window, double-click Access test DB to open it.

  6. If you need to upgrade your databases, WellSim asks if you want to upgrade: click OK. If upgrading gives an error, stop now and contact GSDS.

  7. Briefly test that WellSim works properly:

    Run a few basic tests, for example select different data sets, run a new output simulation, display a multiple graph.

    To see new features in the new version of WellSim, click Help, click About WellSim and click the tab Change Log. Briefly check some of the new features.

    Note: If IT personnel are not familiar with WellSim then a competent WellSim user should run these tests. These tests are to confirm there are no fundamental problems, such as with the operating system or database setup. More extensive testing is not required – if errors exist, they are likely to be in fairly obscure parts of the program, and may not be found in any reasonable testing.

Part 3 - If you need to upgrade your databases, upgrade your main databases now now:

Part 4 - Finally:

  1. Keep the Access test database for the next upgrade.

Finding what's new in WellSim

If you skip upgrades

If you skip installing a few new versions of WellSim and then install the latest version:

Note: You can download and install earlier versions of WellSim from the GSDS web site, but you should never run a version of WellSim whose database version is earlier (lower) than your database version.

Between upgrades, the versions of all your databases are normally the same, and correct for the version of WellSim that you are running. However, a database version could be earlier (lower) than the rest:

In this case, open that lower-version database in WellSim and it should automatically upgrade the database to the correct, new version, as discussed above.

Understanding version numbers

The program and database version numbers are different. This section tells you how to find these version numbers.

Finding the version number of your current WellSim program

Each release of WellSim has a version number, of the form, where:

Letter Means
n A major release number, eg 5
y Related to the year it was released; 9 means 2014
mm The number of the month it was released; 8 means August
dd The day of the month it was released; 21 means the 21st

To find the version of WellSim that you have:

Finding the version number of a database

Each of your WellSim databases has a version, a number, for example 31, that reflects the structure of the database:

To find the version of one of your databases: In WellSim, click File, click Database Manager to open the Database Manager window, then click Version.


You see the versions down the right.

Finding the newest WellSim and database versions

To find the newest available version of WellSim and the version of its database:

  1. Click Help, then click Check latest version ....

  2. WellSim connects to the internet and displays a page:

    • Latest version is the latest version of WellSim available, for example Version

    • Database (DB) version is the database version used by the latest version of WellSim, for example 31.

If Database version is higher than version of your databases then if you upgrade to this version of WellSim then WellSim will automatically upgrade your databases.