Installing WellSim

Tutorial: Changing how WellSim looks

Seeing numbers that are out of the window

If there are too many rows or columns of numbers to fit in a window, use the elevators to scroll. This typical window has the elevators highlit:

Changing window pane sizes

The WellSim display is usually divided into several parts, called panes. To change the relative size of the panes, drag the boundary between the panes with the mouse. This typical window has the pane boundaries highlit:

Changing column widths automatically

Right-click any column of data and select:

For example, from

right-click in a column of data and click Set All Column Widths to give:

Changing column widths manually

The changes to the column widths you made are temporary. To make your changes permanent:

TIP: You will find that you can not change the width of some columns like this by dragging with the mouse, because the column is too wide and you can not select the heading boundary. In this case:

The Description column width is now smaller. You should now be able to see and drag its right boundary.

NOTE: Change the column widths in the bottom of the window in the same way. To make these changes permanent:

Changing the column widths in the bottom of the window changes the corresponding column widths while editing data. You can change column widths while editing data, but you can not make the changes permanent.

Showing different items in columns

You can specify which fields are displayed and the order of fields across the window.

Changing which fields are displayed

Changing the order of fields displayed across the window

In the Column ordering & visibility window, the order of fields down the list in Visible fields is the order of fields across the window. To change the order, move fields up or down the list. For example:


Changing the order of rows down the window

Note on sort order:

Here you will change the discharge simulations to be in order by Mass Flowrate, with smaller flows towards the top and bigger flows towards the bottom:



Changing the sorting temporarily

In most tables, you can change the sort order temporarily by clicking in the column's title area:

Undocking and docking tab windows

Many tabs can be undocked from the main window to be independent windows, for example, the detail table and the quickgraph in the home window.