Installing WellSim


WellSim has two sets of preferences, the preferences tab and the preferences file.

The preferences tab

Click Tools, then click Preferences:

Write all dll output to the error log file (wssimlog.txt)

As WellSim runs a discharge simulation, it writes a log file:

Do not display the inconsistency report ...

See here.

The preferences file

WellSim stores its current settings in a file called preferences.ini. Such settings include the defaults for column widths, row and column order, units, graphs, imort and export. As you use Wellsim and change these settings, WellSim automatically updates preferences.ini.

To work with preferences.ini, click Tools, then click:

Normally WellSim uses preferences.ini automatically, and you do not need to use any of the above commands.

The settings folder

WellSim stores a user's settings and preferences files in a folder, called the settings folder. A typical path for this folder is C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\Gradient\Wellsim, though the path name is different for different versions of Windows.

Because that path depends on your user name, each user has a different, and private, settings folder. When WellSim is first installed, each user will have the same preferences files. However, as each user works with WellSim and changes preferences and defaults, their preferences files will diverge from other users.

To see the files in the settings folder, click Tools, then Open settings folder.

Installing the same WellSim settings on more than one computer

If you have WellSim installed on more than one computer and want all copies to have the same look and feel, then:

Note that as you use WellSim on each computer the settings in each preferences.ini file will inevitably drift apart slightly.