Installing WellSim

Tutorial: Measured output curves

A measured output curve has measured wellhead pressure data at different steady-state wellhead mass flowrates for a discharging well. You won't need too many measured output curves, because one of the main functions of WellSim is to calculate an output curve from a discharge simulation and wellhead measurements at one mass flowrate.

This tutorial shows you how to enter a measured output curve for a well:

Entering a new measured output curve

  1. In the sample database, open a new measured output curve for .

  2. Enter these values:

    The measurement at 100 t/hr, 65 barg is what was used for the TopDown discharge simulations TD 100 t/hr and Better TD 100 t/hr see here.

  3. Click to check, apply and save the data, then exit.

You will later compare this measured output curve with the curve calculated by an output simulation see here.