Data types and nodes


Installing GeoData Manager

We aim to respond as quickly as possible to any message you send us.

It is preferable to use your program for this, because it automatically sends your program's version number, current program node and operation, which assists us to resolve your issue quickly. You need to be online.

Requesting support

If you have a valid Upgrade and Support contract: in your program, click Help, then click Request Support. Type your request and click Send.

Reporting errors

In your program, click Help, then click Report an error. Type a description of the error and click Send.

Suggesting an improvement

In your program, click Help, then click Suggest an improvement. Type your suggestion and click Send.

Manual reporting

Find the version of your GeoData Manager:

  1. Click Help.
  2. Click About ....
  3. The version is displayed in the About tab, for example Version

Then send an email to with: