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Installing GeoData Manager

What's new in GeoData Manager

Version, Database version 40, 18 October 2023

New Security Software compatible with Windows 11.

New KEYLOK Install file compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Additional New Well option that uses Kickoff Point, Rate of Build, Final Drift Angle and Well Azimuth.

Process Calculations with data-specific names at the following nodes.

Version, Database version 40, 10 April 2023

New Chemistry N2-Ar-He Ternary Graph with Lines and Labels read more.

Multiple Graph Worksheet Sorting now available by clicking in the title bar of the table.

Version, Database version 40, 26 February 2023

New combined PT Spinner multiple graphs available at PT and Spinner nodes that combines corresponding data sets see here and see here.

Ability to merge graphs from two different nodes when data consists of two or fewer unit types. Added option in Graph Settings to control merging of graphs as required. See example here.

New options


Version, Database version 40, 21 June 2022

Well Events Summary - a new table to list all events for each well, for example drilling or redrilling the well, a PT run, a well intervention read more.

Joint spinner, pressure and temperature runs - You can now enter spinner measurements that were made as part of a joint pressure, temperature and spinner run. You can associate the pressure/temperature measurements with the spinner measurements. To expedite this, you can now enter spinner data in the Reservoir module (as well as in Downhole Logging). See here.

Unique Well Identifier - a new data field in Well data. To distinguish between well redrills for 3D modelling read more.

Well Interventions - a new data type in Well and Drilling module, for example for a clean, a workover or a redrill.

Capillary Tubing Events - a new data type in Reservoir module read more.

Version, Database version 39, 18 May 2020

Ternary Graphs: For chemistry measurements. GeoData Manager has three built-in ternary graphs Na-Mg-K (Giggenbach), Cl-HCO3-SO4 and N2-Ar-He plus you can enter ternary graphs with your own constituents (called general ternary graphs) read more.

Ternary graphs:

Header and detail table widths: Right-click in a table and select Set all column widths to set optimum column widths automatically.

Version, Database version 39, 27 September 2019

Append data You can now append data to the end of an existing data set. This is faster than using Edit if the data set has a lot of data:

Graph settings An undocked multiple graph now has a Settings button.

Version, Database version 38, 26 April 2019

Create SQL Server databases You can now create and set up SQL Server databases from within GeoData Manager read more.

Copy database permissions You can now copy permissions from one SQL Server to other SQL server databases read more.

Well history You can now create a history file for one or more wells see here:

Checkboxes Added checkboxes to all list select forms to assist selection, for example:

Version, Database version 37, 21 December 2018

Fixed errors

Version, Database version 37, 21 September 2018

Two new options for quick graph and multiple graph settings:

Synchronise dependent axes

If a graph has two dependent axes, then the axis grids can be confusing, see below left. If you tick Synchronise dependent axes then the top/right dependent axis uses the same axis grids as the bottom/left dependent axis. The axis grids are simpler. GeoData Manager changes the top/right axis numbers to suit the new grid.

Show right/top axis

If the main dependent axis is at the bottom or on the left of a graph. If this axis has distance down a well (depth, vertical depth or elevation) then you can choose to display a second dependent axis (depth, vertical depth or elevation). And in a multiple graph with more than one well, you can choose which well that GeoData Manager will use to calculate the values for the second axis.

In this example, the main dependent axis is elevation, the second dependent axis is depth and the second axis shows the depths for well AT-102:

Version, Database version 36, 8 June 2018

This release consolidates the major changes of the last release:

Version:, Database version 35, 17 April 2018

New menu layout

The main menu bar and toolbar have been extensively reorganised to make GeoData Manager simpler, faster and easier to use read about the menus:

Undock and dock windows

The map view, detail table and quick graph tabs can be undocked from the main window to be independent windows read more:

New functions

New data types

Version:, Database version 34, 21 April 2017

Version:, Database version 34, 28 Feb 2017


Version:, Database version 34, 7 Oct 2016

Version:, Database version 34, 5 Aug 2016

New tools

New Features

Version:, Database version 33, 6 May 2016

Simple geology cross-sections

Simply tag some wells and click Multiple Graph to see a quick cross section read more. For example:

Global well selection

If you tick this preference, then if you select wells in the filter bar at one node, then these are selected in the filter bar at all nodes with well data:

Other new features


Version:, Database version 33, 2 Apr 2016


Version:, Database version 33, 15 Dec 2015

GeoData Manager Version, Database version 33, 27 Aug 2015

New features


GeoData Manager Version, Database version 33, 31 Jul 2015

Add many import command

A new command to import many data sets at one time, called Add Many. This is available for importing vertical wells, chemistry sample sites, geology rock sample sites and geophysics MT soundings read more.

BROACH option

A BROACH option has been added to Godevil data sets (clear well depth determination) read more.

Other new features

Database changes

MT Sounding field increased to 16 characters to allow for complex sounding names.

Casing Header Table now has Notes and SourceDataFile fields.


Database version change

Database version increased from 32 to 33.

GeoData Manager Version, Database version 32, 31 Mar 2015

GeoData Manager Version, Database version 32, 12 Mar 2015

Database version change

Database version increased from 31 to 32.

GeoData Manager Version, Database version 31, 30 Oct 2014

Fixed error in Simulation TOUGH2 Production History Module

GeoData Manager Version, Database version 31, 10 Sep 2014

Side-by-side graphs

Multiple Graph can now display side-by-side graphs of data that share a common axis, usually depth. For example:

Other new features


Minor fixes and improvements.

GeoData Manager Version, Database version 31, 15 May 2014

Detection limits

The chemistry module lets you enter detection limits (e.g. <1 ppm) read more.

Column graphs

Graphs of well lithology, formation and alteration columns read more.

Casing shoe, major feed and top of liner displayed in an edit graph

Other new features


Database version change

Database version increased from 30 to 31.

GeoData Manager Version, Database version 30, 8-May-2013

Multiple graphs

Graph options change at different nodes, reflecting the underlying data type.

Top and Bottom values are now calculated for Top/Bottom graph types.

Graph toolbar icon indicates the currently-selected graph type.

Time Calcs wording has been changed from Datum to Zero Point.

Deviation/Location graphs are available for planned wells.

Synchronization of graph settings is improved across multiple windows.

Apply option now transfers settings made in a different window.

Database Structure

Core Register added to the Geology module.

XY Caliper and Cement Bond logs added to the Downhole Logging module.

Casing Size field increased to allow longer casing strings.

Standard and Non-Standard Casing Sizes to provide diameter flexibility.

Downhole Logging Equipment field now functions as a lookup.

Top of Liner field added to the WELL table.

New Functionality

Lithology Process option to search and list available cores with specified rock types.

Ctrl-Click overwrites previous selection, when selecting data from filter bar picklist.

Detail Filter option to tag all records that remain with detail data after filter application.

Top of Liner can be displayed on Quick Graph and Multiple graphs.

Preference option to auto-open new windows at the current node.

Preference option to separately specify filter and current record settings on program close.

Multi-lookup fields allowing multiple values available in Core Register module.

Option (user-beware) to empty IDLIST table if not empty after previous unorthodox exit.

Data Entry

Lookup values auto-filled on key press now exclude the trailing Comment.

Separate Error and Information panes in Data Entry and Edit Header windows.

Improved Accurate Cell Edit behavior in Data Entry window.

Reinjection FType options now restricted to N or 1.

Flow sign checked for injection tests.

Auto-display of Weir Water Pressure or Height in weirbox discharge tests.

Mapping Scale Factor defaults to 0.9996 when UTM is checked.

Layout and Behavior

Graph Menu separated into Quick Graph and Multiple Graph options.

Lip pressure nodes rationalized into weir, estimated enthalpy and dry steam cases.

Child Instances has been moved to Windows menu.

Map options have been modified to refer to csv files, not ASCII files.

Node change speed between related nodes improved by restricting field data loads.

Export Header speed improved by suppressing scroll calls.

Reservoir data edit and save speeds improved by minimizing database queries.

Filter groups can now be saved at the Geology node.

Export Default File Type saved to preferences only if global file type not selected.


Disabled series now hidden if "Include disabled series in schema cycling" is checked.

Weir (Brine Only) calculation error with undefined Separation Pressure is corrected.

Data Entry window modified to prevent obscuring one panel with another.

Casing Size Rename procedure modified to preserve leading space.

Log History Delete now records the correct data record.

Hyphens removed from user names to prevent table creation errors in some cases.

Data integrity date checks corrected.

Filter Groups can now be deleted.

Tagged and filter group conflict caused by the same name is now prevented.

Corrected cumulative mass calculations when discharge period < calculation interval.

Feedzone special procedures modified to recognize 5 Estimated Permeability levels.

A number of superfluous menu options removed from the main menu.

Unused Data Transfer option removed from Menu Tree.

Database version change

Database version increased from 29 to 30.

GeoData Manager Version, Database version 29, Released 30-Sep-2012

Added Column Empty function in Data Entry window.


Fixed errors in dual weirbox calculations.

Fixed errors associated with import and export of volume flow data (gpm).

Fixed multiple graph legend display errors when first data set has empty columns.

Fixed second worksheet multiple graphing errors at Discharge node.