Installing GeoData Manager

The Downhole Logging Module

These data types hold data from downhole logging:

Choosing a data type/node to use

Choose the correct data type category to use, depending on the kind of data you want to enter or work with:

For this kind of data Choose this category
Resistivity Resistivity
Self-potential Self-potential
Spinner Spinner
Density Density
Porosity Porosity
Natural gamma Natural gamma
Sonic velocity Sonic velocity
Fracture Fracture
Godevil Godevil


Downhole resistivity can be obtained from a number of different electrode configurations. These Interpreted temperature data represents a "best estimate" of the formation or reservoir temperature. The data used to make this estimate is usually obtained from downhole temperature surveys, but can be derived from other sources such as static formation temperature - SFTT tests during drilling, alteration information, etc.

Self Potential

Self Potential (SP) records the variation of naturally induced voltage with depth down the well. SP may be generated by fluid movements, and therefore may indocate feed zones and fluid flow paths within the reservoir.


Spinner measurements record the flow of fluid within the well, and are therefore a powerful method to accurately specify feed or loss zones within the well. Spinner measurements are commonly made at the same time as temperature and pressure measurements, often during injection into the well.

GeoData Manager assumes that production mass flows are positive and injection flows are negative. Spinner runs are usually made while injecting. If you enter a positive mass flow, then when you click Check or Save, GeoData Manager asks if you want to change the sign to negative:


Natural gamma

Sonic velocity


Fractures are commonly measured by a downhole viewing tool. Their size, orientation and frequency of occurrence give valuable information about the possible permeability and productivity of the formations.


Godevil is a method of ascertaining the current clear depth of a well, by lowering godevils of various diameters down until they are unable to go any further. You can specify a godevil or broach: