Data types and nodes


Installing GeoData Manager

What is GeoData Manager ?

GeoData Manager is a powerful geothermal data management system designed to capture any scientific data collected during a geothermal development, from initial exploration through to production and beyond. The purpose of GeoData Manager is to present the data in different ways:

What's new

For a list of new features and changes in recent versions of GeoData Manager see here.

Using GeoData Manager

You will usually cycle around these steps:

  1. Enter and edit data, for example wells, downhole tests, discharge tests, chemical sites, chemical analyses.

    You can enter data by hand or import it from files. GeoData Manager checks the data for inconsistencies and will calculate other fields. For example, for a well: from measured depth and well geometry it calculates vertical depth.

  2. Select data to work with or to output.

    A typical geothermal field creates a huge amount of data. GeoData Manager has a variety of tools for selecting data to use.

  3. Output the data. GeoData Manager has many ways to output data:

    Built-in applications include Graphing, Reporting, 3D visualisation.

    GeoData Manager can output a range of map, cross section, 3D and specialised calculation files for external presentation applications, such as the contouring application Surfer.

  4. Interpret the outputs to better understand the geothermal field.

  5. And GeoData Manager has a range of preferences to control how it works and how it looks, including units, language, formats for inputting and outputting data.

    The default options will suit a novice user, and a skilled user has many advanced options.

Data and the database

GeoData Manager can use either Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server to store data in its database. These are mature, well proven database managers to support the integrity and security of the database. The database has a pre-defined structure, containing most geothermal data types. It is also extensible, so that additional data sets and data processing can be easily and cheaply added for the user, while still maintaining the core concern of well-described data, appropriate to a long-term process such as geothermal development.

GeoData Manager has uniform style for all types of geothermal data, which means that data from a range of disciplines is readily available to all geothermal professionals working on a project. This allows a truly integrated understanding of the geothermal system.

Every item of data in GeoData Manager has:

The data types in the database include:


Well downhole logging

Well transient tests

Well discharge tests





Power Plant

Fluid chemistry

Soil chemistry