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Installing GeoData Manager

Installing GeoData Manager on another PC

This describes how to install GeoData Manager on a PC:

These instructions are general; if they don't cover your setup or if your system uses Remote Desktop please consult your IT department or GSDS.

Before you start

Installing GeoData Manager on another PC

  1. If you haven't yet installed a dongle on the PC, do it now: either a single-user dongle or a network dongle.

  2. If you haven't yet installed the required GeoData Manager apps on the PC, download and install them as described here.

  3. Installing GeoData Manager creates a desktop shortcut. Start GeoData Manager.

  4. Use your registration name and key to register GeoData Manager.

  5. In GeoData Manager, open the database manager and add any existing databases.

  6. If required, load the company settings from its file.

  7. Install any 2-D contouring application required.