Installing GeoData Manager

Tutorial: Creating well histories

A well history is a csv file of activity (such as drilling and testing) at one or more wells, If the well has a redrill, its history has all parts.

  1. At the home screen, go to Wells. Tag the wells you want histories for.

  2. Click Process/3D in the menu bar:

    Click Generate a well history file for each of the selected wells and click Ok.

  3. Select the types of data to include in the history:

  4. If you have tagged more than one well, select if you want a separate history file for each well:

  5. Navigate to where you want to store the history files, then:

    • If you chose to create a separate file for each well, and enter a group name for the group of files; for each well, GeoData Manager will create a file called group name-well name.

    • If you did not chose to create a separate file for each well, GeoData Manager enter a file name.

    Click Save. GeoData Manager creates the file or files.

  6. You can see the history in a spreadsheet, for example: